India wins

Posted on March 5th, 2008 by by Sameek

Yesterday’s Victory of India over Australia is one the best in Our History. With all the heated rivalry, The Bullies of World Cricket has been put to their rightful place. In the Detention room. Thankfully for us, the Australians (as good as they are) could never let go of the little thing that happened in the Sydney Test. They are so obsessed with maintaining their dominance over the other teams, they forgot to play the game and notice that their batsmen were struggling all the time. This “break-the-opponent-before-the-game” may have worked in the past. But this Indian Team doesn’t bend over so easily. Go Men-in-Blues! This CB–Trophy means so much more than creating History. This was also about passion and revenge. I have to say, this is much better than beating Pakistan any day. India have now got a new arch-rival. Keep Your Comments Flowing.

Image Courtesy of Cricinfo.

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    hmmmm…. Sam the blogger….good going … we have a blogger in the DHD den as well

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