My First Blog

Posted on March 5th, 2008 by by Sameek

Hi Everyone, This is my first blog. Although I have been experimenting for a long time, I finally had the courage to start this project. Special Thanks to Jayant Kumar Gandhi.

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  1. Harashit Chakraborty Says:

    Brother this is the start, we want to see a good & eventful end.

  2. Rakhi Says:

    Hey Sameek ! So finally its up :) grt going !!!

  3. kaushik Says:


  4. facade21 Says:

    hi sam….haha..gud2 see ur work…u mst be so happy????hope god givs u greater oppurtunity to achieve sumthn even greater…(hope u gt me)…
    bye ya….

  5. Sameek starts to blog! « Jayant Kumar Gandhi Says:

    [...] Yay! Sameek is now experimenting with his blog. I sincerely hope that he will blog regularly and soon write some great stuff for us to read. Here is the customary first post. [...]

  6. Sameek Says:

    Thanks everybody!! This means a lot.

  7. Rakesh Reddy Says:

    Gr8888 man….u didn’t even tell me…yesterday jayant told me tht u started blogging n i saw ur website link in ur orkut profile…anyways keep going man…happy blogging :)

  8. SAIMA Says:

    ok..fine…bt ths kinda posting stuff shud be made easily accessable to the visitors…..iv bn searchin 4 it 4 such a looooong time….huhhhhh….btw m site is lukn gud….ur keepn it updated….KEEEP UP THE GOOOD WORK……

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