Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto!

Posted on March 17th, 2008 by by Sameek

The Passion of the Christ
This weekend I saw a very graphic film, “Apocalypto” directed by Mel Gibson. It is the story of a Mayan Village during its downfall (just before the Spanish Conquistadors came and decimated their Culture). Though the movie was released in 2006, its only now that i saw it in full. And boy! I regret not watching it before. I have a soft-spot for this kind of historical film full of violence and gore. I still can’t recall why I didn’t watch it when it was released in 2006. The last Mel Gibson movie that i saw was “The Passion of the Christ“. I remember going to the theater to watch it with all my family. It was a big mistake. My mother and sister were sobbing as if one of my relatives passed away. So was my bhabi (cousin’s wife). My cousin (bilwada) and I were in utter shock. I couldn’t believe what i was seeing. The film was powerful. The message was clear. The images were graphic and the aftermath etched deep in the viewer’s mind. Even though I didn’t see anything anti-semitic about that film, I could understand why any Jewish person would disagree with me. By the time the movie was over, we were all unusually quiet. The beverages remained untouched (even I couldn’t stomach the pop-corn and soda after watching the harrowing punishment of Jesus). The film was so powerful that its effect lasted for about 1 week. I couldn’t do anything without thinking of the passion. Later I realized that it was not that i had a spiritual calling, It was simply because of the way the last moments of Jesus were portrayed. One thing i really liked about the movie was that the Language was in Aramaic, which is hardly spoken these days. Even though i was stunned by the film, i thought it was an extremely well-made film. I however disagree with one crucial point of the film. It shows the entire Jewish clergy as basically “evil”. I am quite sure that it was not the case.


Coming back to “Apocalypto”, Again I liked the fact that it was made in the “yucatec maya” language. I wonder how they wrote the dialogues. This makes a whole lot of difference. I don’t think I would be able to accept the movie if i would have seen the characters speaking English.
The scenes where the human sacrifices were being performed were again characteristically “Mel-Gibson-ish” brutal. But then again, you cannot show a scene where “a human being’s abdomen being pierced with a obsidian blade and his still-beating heart is pulled out of his body and then his head severed and rolled down the steps of a pyramid”, without being clinically brutal. The story was exceptional even though it had a few cliches. For example the part with the solar eclipse was boringly predictable. Why does so many stories about the Mayans, Aztechs and Incas have Solar eclipses? The movie was well-done, though there were a few mistakes which i could immediately point out.

  • Solar-Eclipse doesn’t happen so suddenly and It takes quite a lot of time before the SUN comes out again.
  • Again, the night of the Solar-Eclipse had a full moon. Which is totally impossible.
  • Later I found that the movie had a lot of mistakes. To check them out, click here.

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All in all, I have to say that both the films were exceptional. The violence portrayed was totally believable. It was film-making and story telling at its most powerful form yet. A job well done by Mel Gibson.

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  1. Debarghya Says:

    well…what can i say…….. even i loved both the movies…..graphic but gripping they were….. and then as they say “birds of the feather flock together”, jethguman loving them was for me more than expected

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