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DHD – 2 wickets down… Still going Strong

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Well people might wonder what the hell does this DHD mean?? DHD is the infamous acronym for The “Dirty Half Dozen”. What the f…? You may ask. What kind of lame-ass name is that. Well we don’t give a flying f… what you think. The DHD was about free spirit and copious alcohol consumption and making profits for the tobacco companies. Actually it was a group of six people from our college. The infamous Jadavpur University. Sadly though we have recently lost our second member. No! No! Nobody died. That dude just got married. So imagine this. 2 people married, so we can’t expect participation from them in any drinking binge anymore. 2 people out of station. So 2 of us left (Adhiman and myself). We are sad, coz our friend (Nondo) got married and kolkata is hot as hell. So lets go for some whiskey. Antiquity Blue is the choice now. Before long my other friend i have finished 6 pegs each(WTF???). Who knew my college days will come flying back. Adhiman is drunk as hell and I am almost carrying him home. All izzat flushed down the toilet. See guys, we are back to our former selves. Utso and Biru! You guyz may have fallen to the dark side………..but the rest of us will keep rocking!