Harman-Kardon Soundsticks II

Posted on August 2nd, 2008 by by Sameek

I bought a HK soundsticks II recently and I have got to say, I am blown away. First of all, It looks awesome and I thought that the hefty price tag, (Rs. 11k) is just because of the looks. But no son…. The sound is (if possible) even better. The online reviews were all positive about this product. I am really looking forward. The only bad thing about this is that there is that you can’t connect your headphone directly to the woofer, But if you are using a laptop, it doesn’t matter much. All in all I would say the price is on the higher side but well worth it (damn you Govt. of India….slash the duties so we can get it for cheap). Let hope mine lasts for at least a couple of years. Any Comments?

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  1. GOKUL Says:

    hi i want to buy this can u please sugggest me where can i buy, i stay in chennai, looking forward to it.

  2. Sameek Says:

    You can get it at the iStore. You can also try some other showroom.

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