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I’m back…..but why?

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Seems like someone had hacked my web-site. But after some tweaking and a little help from my friend Jayant. Special thanks to rakesh, without whom, i would not have noticed it.I got it back online again. The damage done was not severe. but still… I have been neglecting my blog for too long. This was a warning call.

Recently a few events transpired in Mumbai which is not unknown to anyone. My deepest condolences for the innocent people who lost their lives.  Things are getting complicated more and more in our country. Congress and BJP are both failures. I hope we don’t forget what transpired on 26/11. I salute the security personnel who fought so selflessly and pray for those who died saving my country. I hope your sacrifice was not in vain. Its high time we unite. We were found absolutely helpless. Please Mr. P.M. , this is no time to talk soft. Let us all unite in one voice. We need everyone to pitch in. Lets unite so we dont have to live in fear anymore. I know we can do it. Vande Maataram!