Ghajini!! A test of patience!

Posted on January 6th, 2009 by by Sameek

Even though I knew that Ghajini was a remake of of the Tamil film “Ghajini” which again borrows heavily from the English film Memento, I was expecting a lot from Aamir’s new venture. My verdict……”UTTER DISAPPOINTMENT”. Asin was good. Even though i felt she over-acted a bit, but the comedy was kept me to my seat.. But after the fun part was over, it seemed like a never-ending ordeal. Aamir gave a solid performance but…it was just too damn long.

The English Memento was an awesome film. Needless to say,  the director did a smart job by not following the plot line of the original film. The worst thing was the namesake villain. Total useless. What a lousy way to start the new year! Thanks a lot! Next time aamir’s film comes, I will wait till it comes on tv.

AND not to forget……..


May 2009 suck less than 2008!

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  1. Karthik Says:

    She does over act.

  2. Karthik Says:

    Slice the space between over and act in my previous comment :) .

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