Mumbai Memorabilia

Posted on January 27th, 2009 by by Sameek

Mumbai was never more than a city to me. Inspite of all the images on tv, movies and newsprint, the magic of mumbai never penetrated the thick skull of mine. So when i planned to visit mumbai, i was more excited to see my old friends after such a long time.  Little by little i started noticing and hearing a few things about mumbai that got me really excited before I even reached there. Once in Mumbai, the whole weekend passed, before I could contemplate the sheer awesomeness of Mumbai. Being from Kolkata, a very dear place to me, I used to think that Mumbai was special to mumbaikars for the same reason, kolkata was special to me. But the city is and has to be special to every Indian. I wish to return there soon. Mumbai is unforgettable.

Mumbai was excellent but the fact that I was there with the old gang (partially atleast), made one of the best weekends of my life. I am back to work after being awake  all night and travelling back to hyderabad. Fully charged with the memories of the trip. May be a little irritated, buts thats only because i know i wont be having so much fun in a long long time. Cheers Adhi, Debarghya and Utso! Biru and debojit, you were duly missed. We are still here, still strong, still know How to party……..DHD rules.

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  1. Debarghya Says:

    Well I couldn’t agree more. I have been in the city for the past two years (almost). Its vibrant, its fast….its amazing….but I never liked the place as much as I love Kolkata.
    But then the past five days made it heaven. I have never had such a great weekend from the time I am here, and I am not exaggerating in any way. A drink ( may be the worst of the lot) with you guys is way more intoxicating than the best wine in the world with anybody else.
    The days are gone, and it will be a wait till next time, but I guess the memories will be enough till then.

    As always DHD rules, DHD rocks, and we will always do so.


  2. Utso Says:

    Ahem… nohting to comment on the city of Mumbai… have been here for the past 14 months… and trust me… today I truly feel at home here.. mebbe more so since I met Srila here.
    The last 1 day (coz the first two days, some were busy getting back stabbed and some, the reverse…) I had with dirty quarter dozen was awesome… seriously had so much fun after a helluva time. I THINK WE SHOULD decide to meet up like this, every year… if for nothing, the bonds of friendship only ripen with age :) )

    TC/ Cheers

  3. Sameek Says:

    Well said Debarghya! Hope The other idiots comment soon.

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