“Babumoshai” and Regional Bias!!!

Posted on April 17th, 2009 by by Sameek

I recently realised that I hate the picture “Anand” (the one with Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan). Why Sameek? It was a great picture and  one of the landmark films of India. Well, I don’t care. The hell with stupid “Anand”! Ever since that film, people from all around India cant seem to remember any Bengali’s name! So always call them “BABUMOSHAI”. And it is really pissing me off. I have a name morons! It just goes to show the subtle regional bias that people possess. Ow..U are a bengali?? How can you guyz vote for those Commies? Like I ever did that? Its annoying. Stop it. “Haha! Lets make fun of the Bengali”, “Hey babumoshai! Did you have any rosogollas?” Maa Kaali ki kasam, next time I hear something like that I will kick that person in the nutsack. I won’t take any more crap from you all. So Beat it!!

2 Responses to ““Babumoshai” and Regional Bias!!!”

  1. kaushik Says:

    Or how all South Indians are Madrasis and behave like Mahmud in Padosan…

    and that is much more derogatory than Babumoshai me thinks!!!!

  2. Karthik Says:

    Ahaa.. I just saw this post.

    I totally agree with the comment above.
    Aey Babumoshai,
    You are too quick to raise such issues. Me being a guy from Tamil Nadu, I think I should nuke entire north of India and not regret it. But why cause such fuss?

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