Kaminey! Really Slick!

Posted on August 17th, 2009 by by Sameek

Today I watched KAMINEY. My first impression was…”Wow! This is pretty original.” The story was pretty good. The acting was good. But i guess shahid kapoor can emulate a little less of SRK. Priyanka was good as usual. The anti-social elements were portrayed in a near hollywood style. My favorite part would be the abundant use of regional languages. Especially bengali. No babumoshai and such crap. Real contemporary dialogues. I guess same goes true fot the Marathi as well. The only complains I have is the excessive use of gun-violence which at some points seemed unnecessary and the running time. The film would have been better if it would have been wrapped in 100 minutes. All in all, a good movie. A step in the right direction. And a pretty big one at that.


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