In Kolkata!!

Posted on September 23rd, 2009 by by Sameek

Its been a few days since I reached here. And boy, It feels so good. Sometimes its difficult to believe that I missed the heat, humidity, insane crowds, bad roads and incessant rain but its true. As a true calcuttan, I am proud to say that I missed Kolkata more than I realised. Even though I was over the last year had my share of dissapointments with the city of joy [Ironic]. I am willing to overlook all these things as Kolkata will always welcome me with open arms no matter what. Whenever I talk to people about Kolkata, they always try to bring out the flaws. And even though I want them to go away, I have to be true and admit that Kolkata will not be kolkata if all the things with which it annoys everyone goes away. But enough negativity. All people are excited about Pujo. So am I. Wishing everone a SHUBHO SHARODIYA!

And for all the people inclined to read a little more, here is something interesting.

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