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Halfway across the world.

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

After a long time I have some time to update my blog. I am currently in San Francisco. And arriving here just before the weekend have the next 2 days to myself. I like this place so far. SO I will keep updating this post with my experiences here.

So far I am not really impressed by the shopping mall or other modern places. What I really like is the natural beauty of this place. It is absolutely stunning and unspoiled. I will update more later.

Went to Half-moon bay and drove down highway one to santa-cruz. the beaches were awesome. more to come.


“Babumoshai” and Regional Bias!!!

Friday, April 17th, 2009

I recently realised that I hate the picture “Anand” (the one with Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan). Why Sameek? It was a great picture and  one of the landmark films of India. Well, I don’t care. The hell with stupid “Anand”! Ever since that film, people from all around India cant seem to remember any Bengali’s name! So always call them “BABUMOSHAI”. And it is really pissing me off. I have a name morons! It just goes to show the subtle regional bias that people possess. Ow..U are a bengali?? How can you guyz vote for those Commies? Like I ever did that? Its annoying. Stop it. “Haha! Lets make fun of the Bengali”, “Hey babumoshai! Did you have any rosogollas?” Maa Kaali ki kasam, next time I hear something like that I will kick that person in the nutsack. I won’t take any more crap from you all. So Beat it!!

What is Happening?

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Not much to say. Actually wanted to write a huge blog when the Sri Lanka team was attacked in Lahore.  Somehow got busy with other activities.  What happened on 30th March 2009, was pretty sad. This world is totally screwed up. N we are stuck with the worst neighbour possible. Who came up with that deal?

That is just one aspect. Election is coming. And the true colors of Democracy are being revealed. I think the term “Dirty Politics” has its root in the Democracy of India. May be its time for a Military coup in our country. Just a thought!!

Mumbai Memorabilia

Tuesday, January 27th, 2009

Mumbai was never more than a city to me. Inspite of all the images on tv, movies and newsprint, the magic of mumbai never penetrated the thick skull of mine. So when i planned to visit mumbai, i was more excited to see my old friends after such a long time.  Little by little i started noticing and hearing a few things about mumbai that got me really excited before I even reached there. Once in Mumbai, the whole weekend passed, before I could contemplate the sheer awesomeness of Mumbai. Being from Kolkata, a very dear place to me, I used to think that Mumbai was special to mumbaikars for the same reason, kolkata was special to me. But the city is and has to be special to every Indian. I wish to return there soon. Mumbai is unforgettable.

Mumbai was excellent but the fact that I was there with the old gang (partially atleast), made one of the best weekends of my life. I am back to work after being awake  all night and travelling back to hyderabad. Fully charged with the memories of the trip. May be a little irritated, buts thats only because i know i wont be having so much fun in a long long time. Cheers Adhi, Debarghya and Utso! Biru and debojit, you were duly missed. We are still here, still strong, still know How to party……..DHD rules.

I’m back…..but why?

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Seems like someone had hacked my web-site. But after some tweaking and a little help from my friend Jayant. Special thanks to rakesh, without whom, i would not have noticed it.I got it back online again. The damage done was not severe. but still… I have been neglecting my blog for too long. This was a warning call.

Recently a few events transpired in Mumbai which is not unknown to anyone. My deepest condolences for the innocent people who lost their lives.  Things are getting complicated more and more in our country. Congress and BJP are both failures. I hope we don’t forget what transpired on 26/11. I salute the security personnel who fought so selflessly and pray for those who died saving my country. I hope your sacrifice was not in vain. Its high time we unite. We were found absolutely helpless. Please Mr. P.M. , this is no time to talk soft. Let us all unite in one voice. We need everyone to pitch in. Lets unite so we dont have to live in fear anymore. I know we can do it. Vande Maataram!

India at 61. My thoughts!! WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY??

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

india_flag.gifFirst of all a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all my fellow Indians. Today, being a national holiday, I was in home all day. Well, I wanted to go out but I guess nowadays 15th august means…”Terrorists’ Independence Day”. Every body started telling me…”NO way! Don’t go out. Stay indoors. These days are pretty unsafe”. Is this what our freedom fighters gave their lives for? To see their country being mauled by a pack of rabid dogs? This will open up a lot of old wounds, so people shy away from this topic. Its like that elephant in the living room that no one talks about. Good honest people (even though their numbers are shrinking faster than cheetahs) are still going about as if all these communal tensions and religious hatred will magically disappear if we stay quiet. Thats right! Communal and religious hatred is the biggest threat to our country. It is as if one day we will wake up from a long nightmare and realize that all that was just a bad dream and we are living in harmony now. That is just stupid. We have all built a wall around ourselves. By ourselves, I mean our communities. We have also unknowingly stereotyped other groups. “Muslims hate us!” , “Hindus hate us!”, “Bengali’s are selfish”, “Cannot trust a Gujarati”, “People from NorthEast are vulgar”, “South Indians only care about themselves”. I have had the privilege of hearing these things. This gives an Idea that as Indians we don’t really think properly. Somewhere in the line we have lost our way. The only way to tear these bigotries is to talk about it. And be frank.

All I can think of is that Hindus and Muslims are stuck at some point in History. “Kisne danda pehle mara??” (Who hit first?). This is still the main reason behind all the quarrels. Its high time we get over it. What can we do by going back to 1 moment in history? Nothing. Both are to blame. Accept this. Move on. We are here today. Lets make our Mother India proud. Lets not fight anymore. We always fear what we don’t know. Tear down those walls around us. Walls are a bad Idea. They never work and they will all fall one day or tear us apart. Jai Hind!!

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Why I dont like Dell

Friday, August 15th, 2008

About two weeks ago I ordered a laptop from Dell. A hefty price tag of 50k. Well I confirmed my order and then about 2 hrs later I got a call from my bank. “Sir, have you made 2 transactions from Dell, each of 50k each??” . “WTF?? No way! Only One.” I tried to answer frantically. “But we have already approved both the Transactions.” “Are you kidding me?” “Please call DELL immediately” “You don’t have to tell me that.”

By this time you must realize what kind of deep shit I am in. Well that mess took 4 days to resolve. I still don’t know if I am going to be billed for both the transactions. Any way after patiently waiting for 8 days (as told to me by the Sales Person), When the delivery day came, I was licking my fingers in anticipation. When I called Dell to confirm about it, guess what response I got….”Sir! due to unexpected part shortage we are forced to delay the shipment by 20 days. Please Adjust!!”. Dell Sales……You are full of raw sewage. I hope you choke and die on your filth. But wait till I get my Laptop. If I get any problem with the m/c I am coming to Bangalore to break the thing over your head. You big piece of Dog-Turd. If you are ordering from Dell, then confirm the date of delivery before booking. Those crooks lie through their teeth. Burn in Hell MFs.

Harman-Kardon Soundsticks II

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

I bought a HK soundsticks II recently and I have got to say, I am blown away. First of all, It looks awesome and I thought that the hefty price tag, (Rs. 11k) is just because of the looks. But no son…. The sound is (if possible) even better. The online reviews were all positive about this product. I am really looking forward. The only bad thing about this is that there is that you can’t connect your headphone directly to the woofer, But if you are using a laptop, it doesn’t matter much. All in all I would say the price is on the higher side but well worth it (damn you Govt. of India….slash the duties so we can get it for cheap). Let hope mine lasts for at least a couple of years. Any Comments?

A Trip around the Country

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Its been a Long time. I am glad to be back and blogging again. I have been busy a lot but mostly I have been really really lazy. Lets hope I can keep the absences to a bare minimum. I have been lucky because I was able to take about 6 days off of work. Adding 2 weekends that made a whopping 10day long Holiday spree. But It was no time to relax, I had stuff to do and places to visit. First off…I went to Lucknow, I haven’t been there since February and this time I was going to stay there for 3 days. So first I had to go to New Delhi and unfortunately wait the whole night there. I could have taken a room in a hotel…but that ain’t the proper traveler way is it?? I made a bad decision to wait at NDLS instead of the airport. My god!! The rats in the waiting room were the size of cats!! and they had a whole system worked out about how to get food from the people that are sleeping on the floor. Whoo! Needless to say….no sleep! The trip to Lucknow was gr8. But It was raining like like hell. So after 2 days I head out Kanpur to catch the Train to Kolkata. In case you dont know thats my home town. The amount of rain that was pouring I thought for sure the trains would be running late. But to my surprise, it was right on time. I reached Kolkata right on time. My cousin was supposed to get married the very next day. The rest of the week passed in a flash. One good thing about this trip was that, this time since the wedding was there, i got to meet the whole family. The sweltering heat of Kolkata made this trip even more unforgettable. The trip back to Hyderabad was much less eventful. But since I had been away from work for so long, I had a lot to catch up to. If I get some time, I will upload pics of the trip. Cheers!


DHD – 2 wickets down… Still going Strong

Tuesday, May 13th, 2008

Well people might wonder what the hell does this DHD mean?? DHD is the infamous acronym for The “Dirty Half Dozen”. What the f…? You may ask. What kind of lame-ass name is that. Well we don’t give a flying f… what you think. The DHD was about free spirit and copious alcohol consumption and making profits for the tobacco companies. Actually it was a group of six people from our college. The infamous Jadavpur University. Sadly though we have recently lost our second member. No! No! Nobody died. That dude just got married. So imagine this. 2 people married, so we can’t expect participation from them in any drinking binge anymore. 2 people out of station. So 2 of us left (Adhiman and myself). We are sad, coz our friend (Nondo) got married and kolkata is hot as hell. So lets go for some whiskey. Antiquity Blue is the choice now. Before long my other friend i have finished 6 pegs each(WTF???). Who knew my college days will come flying back. Adhiman is drunk as hell and I am almost carrying him home. All izzat flushed down the toilet. See guys, we are back to our former selves. Utso and Biru! You guyz may have fallen to the dark side………..but the rest of us will keep rocking!