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A Trip around the Country

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Its been a Long time. I am glad to be back and blogging again. I have been busy a lot but mostly I have been really really lazy. Lets hope I can keep the absences to a bare minimum. I have been lucky because I was able to take about 6 days off of work. Adding 2 weekends that made a whopping 10day long Holiday spree. But It was no time to relax, I had stuff to do and places to visit. First off…I went to Lucknow, I haven’t been there since February and this time I was going to stay there for 3 days. So first I had to go to New Delhi and unfortunately wait the whole night there. I could have taken a room in a hotel…but that ain’t the proper traveler way is it?? I made a bad decision to wait at NDLS instead of the airport. My god!! The rats in the waiting room were the size of cats!! and they had a whole system worked out about how to get food from the people that are sleeping on the floor. Whoo! Needless to say….no sleep! The trip to Lucknow was gr8. But It was raining like like hell. So after 2 days I head out Kanpur to catch the Train to Kolkata. In case you dont know thats my home town. The amount of rain that was pouring I thought for sure the trains would be running late. But to my surprise, it was right on time. I reached Kolkata right on time. My cousin was supposed to get married the very next day. The rest of the week passed in a flash. One good thing about this trip was that, this time since the wedding was there, i got to meet the whole family. The sweltering heat of Kolkata made this trip even more unforgettable. The trip back to Hyderabad was much less eventful. But since I had been away from work for so long, I had a lot to catch up to. If I get some time, I will upload pics of the trip. Cheers!