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India at 61. My thoughts!! WHAT IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY??

Saturday, August 16th, 2008

india_flag.gifFirst of all a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all my fellow Indians. Today, being a national holiday, I was in home all day. Well, I wanted to go out but I guess nowadays 15th august means…”Terrorists’ Independence Day”. Every body started telling me…”NO way! Don’t go out. Stay indoors. These days are pretty unsafe”. Is this what our freedom fighters gave their lives for? To see their country being mauled by a pack of rabid dogs? This will open up a lot of old wounds, so people shy away from this topic. Its like that elephant in the living room that no one talks about. Good honest people (even though their numbers are shrinking faster than cheetahs) are still going about as if all these communal tensions and religious hatred will magically disappear if we stay quiet. Thats right! Communal and religious hatred is the biggest threat to our country. It is as if one day we will wake up from a long nightmare and realize that all that was just a bad dream and we are living in harmony now. That is just stupid. We have all built a wall around ourselves. By ourselves, I mean our communities. We have also unknowingly stereotyped other groups. “Muslims hate us!” , “Hindus hate us!”, “Bengali’s are selfish”, “Cannot trust a Gujarati”, “People from NorthEast are vulgar”, “South Indians only care about themselves”. I have had the privilege of hearing these things. This gives an Idea that as Indians we don’t really think properly. Somewhere in the line we have lost our way. The only way to tear these bigotries is to talk about it. And be frank.

All I can think of is that Hindus and Muslims are stuck at some point in History. “Kisne danda pehle mara??” (Who hit first?). This is still the main reason behind all the quarrels. Its high time we get over it. What can we do by going back to 1 moment in history? Nothing. Both are to blame. Accept this. Move on. We are here today. Lets make our Mother India proud. Lets not fight anymore. We always fear what we don’t know. Tear down those walls around us. Walls are a bad Idea. They never work and they will all fall one day or tear us apart. Jai Hind!!

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